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About Me

Crystal Ball?  I don't need one.  I receive information like images on a screen.

Super Powers? No. I am simply gifted with a natural intuitive ability evident from early childhood.

Exclusive? Maybe. I accept appointments by referral only.

Discrete? I am honored and hold sacred the trust established with every client I work with. 

Available Appointmentments

  • One Hour Session
  •  45 Minute Session 
  •  30 Minute Session

A One Hour Session is recommended for new clients.  This allows for the deep intuitive work to address all areas of  concerns and issues .  Most questions you have in mind will be come up during the session without asking them directly.   For returning clients 45 minutes is ideal for current and changing issues, a yearly forecast and changes in relationships.  The thirty minute session can be used for specific insights into to one or two areas of concern. 

What Clients Have to Say

"Janon is truly amazing sometimes her insight is so on point it is hard to believe." 

"Consider yourself fortunate if you have been referred to Janon."  

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*For time sensitive or urgent questions when an opening isn't available on the calendar I will do my best to accommodate you outside of regular hours.  

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